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In documents

This section contains several documents telling about Faraja House, its boys and the life they spend there. In particular, you can find:

  • Lettere agli Amici (Letters to Friends - in Italian) by father Franco, which we usually receive from him twice a year;
  • Lettere al Gruppo di Torino (Letters to the Group in Torino - in Italian) which Fabrizio and Maurizio send at least once a year to make a report on Faraja House adoption initiative;
  • some documents on Tanzania, its everyday life, the characteristics it displays, the problems it has to cope with, of which the street children phenomenon is just one out of several exterior displays.

Lettere agli Amici (in Italian)

Lettere agli Amici is a nice initiative started by father Franco a few years ago to bring his friends close to Faraja House life.

We, devoted readers, are always longing for every Lettera agli Amici very much. It let us open to the knowledge of a world that is new for most of us and hard to think of for those who didn't have any chance to see it with thrie own eyes. Besides, even those who could pay a visit to it find such a tool an easy way to dive into it once more and to prolong their ties with it.

Lettere al Gruppo di Torino (in Italian)

Following a summer stay of Fabrizio and Maurizio at Faraja House in 1997, it was decided to start up a group of friends in Torino willing to remotely adopt the initiative led by father Franco. Since then, everyone who decided to agree to such proposal receives a letter at least once a year to get an update on how the initiative goes on and the way the collected money is used for.

Documents on Tanzania

Coming soon. Anybody can contribute to it, especially from Tanzania.